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This blog was started as a way to extend the dialog for the eMarketing Special Interest Group (SIG) that is trying to get organized. Our first meeting was last January, where approximately thirty people showed up on a early snowy morning at the Knowledge Center. Everyone came with a common desire to listen and share ideas on how we can better prepare ourselves to meet the challenges of modern marketing.

Based on feedback from the initial meeting, I drafted this mission statement. We welcome and encourage your thoughts or comments.

Special Interest Group (SIG) for e-marketing practitioners, academics and people in the industry who share this common professional interest. The forum is for those interested in keeping in touch with the rapidly changing area of Internet marketing.

The following are initial thoughts on the purpose and goals statements:


  • Bring together people and companies involved in the study, promotion, and practice of e-marketing

  • Organize opportunities to network, interact, share ideas and expertise

  • Showcase the regional businesses and talent

  • Provide opportunities to and stay informed on e-marketing practices and developments

  • Enable career development and business success with access to modern marketing expertise and resources

  • Fuel the growth of “high performance” professionals in e-marketing practices

  • Bridge the gap between marketing technology and marketing practitioners


  • Assist area professionals and their employers to benefit from opportunities introduced by e-marketing

  • Coordinate with industry, marketing, technology and economic development leaders to offer speakers, workshops, roundtables, etc. to respond to needs of the business community in e-marketing education and practice

  • Become a conduit to educate, support and promote industry growth in NWPA

  • Bring additional value to membership in the EAC and NWPA Tech Council

Please provide us with any thoughts, comments, or feedback you may have about this eMarketing Special Interest Group or blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

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