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Erie Ad Club

Getting involved with the Erie Ad Club was probably the most profound and most fun professional development experience ever. From committee, to board, to office, to President, you work side-by-side with the best talent in the region. I learned so much from working with industry leaders, media and agency professionals, and even competitors. Everyone worked together on programs and events. And where else could you execute such edgy and over the top creative strategies that a client normally wouldn’t risk? Early on as a member, I remember Bob Lowry (photographer & past president 1990) asking me to get involved with the Rooster Awards committee. In those days you worked your way up from committee to officer over five years, and everyone worked on the Roosters. Anyway, the next year Bob setup an application program using an early version of Filemaker so we could register the hundreds of Rooster entries on a MAC computer. I remember we were awed and amazed at how streamlined the whole process was. It was fantastic.

Making a serious commitment to help make the club a success was something I learned early on and I know how many other individuals and businesses commit their talent, resources and services to support the club so it can thrive.

Participate and celebrate the industry next week at:

Advertising Week Erie!
September 17-21, 2007

…I have no doubt at next years celebration one of the days events will focus on Online Advertising.

eMarketing Special Interest Group

September 2007

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