Holly Buchanan Increases Website Conversions: Part II of II

Holly Buchanan

Read Part I of this two post series.

Every individual that visits your website is unique, looking for different pieces of information and reading websites differently. Each visitor will most likely be persuaded by various aspects and determinants. With Holly Buchanan’s personality descriptions of the four most common types of buyers, we can design our websites and copy so that we can persuade each personality type most effectively.

On Thursday, April 17th, Holly Buchanan addressed over 100 attendees at eBizitPA‘s King Conversion: Websites that Sell conference. Holly was an extraordinary speaker with several quick tips and in-depth techniques to vastly improve the conversion of your site. In the last post, I discussed some of the more basic background and theory of website effectiveness, as explained by Holly.

In this post, I’ll continue the discussion, focusing on designing your website to meet the needs of each unique individual that visits your site by addressing the most common four types of visitors: Methodical, Spontaneous, Competitive, and Humanistic.

The Methodical

Methodicals are detail oriented and like to be prepared, so they appreciate the hard facts, data, and information presented in a logical manner. When designing for the methodical, consider including:

  • Details, statistics, and proof of any claims
  • The process used and how it works, including a step by step explanation
  • The product specifications
  • Guarantees

The Spontaneous

The Spontaneous type lives in the moment, making spur of the moment decisions they can be confident in. They are good in crisis situations due to the fact that they can take action quickly. These people who are less likely to fall into a strict routine. When designing for the spontaneous, consider including:

  • A way to help users narrow their choices as quickly as possible and choose exactly what they are looking for
  • How your company will help users enjoy life more
  • How your product or service can be customized
  • How your product can make users’ lives more flexible

The Competitive

Competitives are the CEO types, they seek to understand and control life. They are driven individuals who are always educating themselves. Competitives are highly motivated, goal-oriented, image conscious, and often concerned with their social status. When designing for competitives, consider including:

  • Competitive advantages over similar companies
  • Why your company is better than others
  • Your credentials- why is your business credible?
  • How can you help the users be more productive and look good?

The Humanistic

Humanistics are the family-oriented individuals, with a tendency to put others’ needs before their own and may be uncomfortable accepting gifts or allowing others to do for them. They are usually slow to make a decision, often relying on trust and intuition. When designing for the humanistic, consider including:

  • Company and leadership bios to convince the users to trust you and your organization
  • Reasons why the user can trust you
  • How your organization will help users strengthen their current relationships
  • Testimonials

Design One Page for all Types

Often, it is not realistic to create four different sites for each personality type of your visitors. If your organization’s target audience does not typically consist of one specific personality type, you must include something for all personalities so you don’t lose potential customers. So, how do we do this when these personality profiles differ so much?

Simply, provide a sentence for each type of individual, ensuring that they all flow together. Be sure to address the competitive and spontaneous personalities first, as they tend to be more impatient. If they read the first paragraph and don’t find anything for them, they may click the back button and leave your site forever. Methodicals and humanistics are more patient, so you can speak to them further down the page.

For example, if you’re selling a Caribbean vacation, you may first discuss the variety of activities available at any time, day or not, on the resort (for the spontaneous), and then talk about how this vacation rivals those in more popular vacations because of its prestige (for the competitive). You can then transition into the details of the vacation, discussing the schedule of family activities available to you each day (for the humanistic AND the methodical).

Quick Changes to Increase Conversion

These past two posts are just a portion of the knowledge that Holly had passed on to those in attendance of the King Conversion conference. The following are some quick tips that will take you a few moments to fix and may increase your conversion greatly:

  • Don’t let design get in the way. Make all your hyperlinks the default blue so that your users know what is clickable
  • Use buttons instead of text call to actions when possible
  • Instead of using “Submit” on buttons, specify the action that is to be taken, such as “Download the Report” or “Buy Now”
  • Have a call to action on every page, including the About Us page so that it doesn’t act as a dead end
  • Include images and bios on your About Us page so that the humanistics will allow herself to trust you
  • Maintain consistency from the initial website ad all the way to the form of the call to action

Did You Attend? Share Your Experience

If you attended the King Conversion Conference on April 17th, we invite you to share your experience with the event in the comments section below.

2 Responses to “Holly Buchanan Increases Website Conversions: Part II of II”

  1. 1 Arindam Mitra January 29, 2009 at 5:24 am

    Good informative post indeed. Before optimizing a page for improving conversion page, what I always decide and set apart first is the unique selling point (USP) of your product and services. You can have a look here. What do you say?

  1. 1 Holly Buchanan Increases Conversion during the King Conversion Conference- Part I of II « eMarketing SIG Blog Trackback on May 1, 2008 at 8:12 pm

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